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Gestoria Guasch i Associats, is an agency specialized in the change of ownership of vehicles in Barcelona.

We carry out all the procedures related to changing the name of your vehicle electronically and in a single visit. We work with both individuals and companies and at very affordable prices. Our vehicle name change service includes all traffic procedures as well as tax settlement. At Gestoria Guasch, the name change process is fast and efficient.

We offer the following services:

  • Transfer of ownership of vehicles.
  • Registrations.
  • Duplicates of documentation in case of loss.
  • Changes of address.
  • Voluntary temporary removal of the vehicle or due to theft.
  • Vehicle registration reports.

Car name change


Original documentation necessary to process the name change of a vehicle:

– Technical file of the vehicle (it does not matter if the ITV is expired).
– Driving license.
– NIF/NIE of the seller in force.
– NIF/NIE of the buyer in force.
– Contract (or Invoice if you sell a company).
– Seller’s mandate (provided by the agency).
– Buyer’s mandate (provided by the agency).

If the buyer or seller is a company:

– Powers of the company.
– CIF of the company.
– NIF of the representative, agent or manager.


  • To process the name change of a car or motorcycle, if the buyer’s address does not match that of the NIF or NIE, the registration certificate must be provided.
  • To process the change of name of a car or motorcycle that is less than 10 years old or the change of name of a car or motorcycle in which the buyer does not reside in Catalonia,  you must pay the Patrimonial Transfer Tax (ITP).
  • To process the name change of a car or motorcycle, it is required that the Mechanical Traction Vehicle Tax (Municipal Vehicle Tax) from the previous year be paid.
  • In addition, at our vehicle agency in Barcelona we can check if the vehicle is free of charges at the time of processing the change of car or motorcycle name, requesting an telematic report to Traffic.

Particular situations in the process of changing the name of a car or motorcycle:

  • Reservation of title: the original letter of cancellation from the financial company is necessary, confirming that the loan has been canceled in order to finalize the change of name of the car or motorcycle.< /li>
  • If the seller is a company: The sales contract will be replaced by an invoice subject to VAT indicating the vehicle registration number. When the transferor is a professional natural person and an invoice is provided, they must attach the last self-employed receipt or the corresponding supporting electronic document. You do not pay ITP since it is subject to VAT.
  • Award due to separation or divorce: A judgment or regulatory agreement must be provided. This case is exempt from paying ITP.
  • Transfer due to death: Deed of acceptance and award of original inheritance, stating the vehicle and the settlement of the inheritance tax. Exempt from paying ITP.

Agency specialized in vehicles in Barcelona

If you need to make a change of title Vehicle arity in Barcelona (and surroundings) do not hesitate to contact Gestoria Guasch i Associats, a collegiate manager specializing in all types of vehicle procedures.

Our agency is located at Av. Icaria 166, in Vila Olimpica del Poble Nou (Barcelona).

Request more information through the form or call us at 933 939 718

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