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We take care of all the paperwork for your final cancellation due to export or community transit

If you move your residence to a foreign country, or if you sell your vehicle and the buyer moves abroad, you must process the final cancellation for export, or for community transit if the country of destination belongs to the European Union< /p>

Required documentation:

Original vehicle documentation:

  • Circulation permit
  • Technical data sheet
  • In the event that the transfer is to a country outside the EU, a document is signed in which it is declared that the vehicle is not waste.

Identification of the owner:

  • DNI/NIE in the case of individuals
  • If the owner is a company, you must provide:
    • Tax identification card
    • Representative identification
    • Declaration of the representative of having sufficient power to act on behalf of the company

Limitations to process the cancellation

  • Seal

The existence of a seal on the vehicle is an impediment to process the cancellation, it must be canceled beforehand.

  • Limitation of provision

Before requesting the deregistration of the vehicle, you must cancel any limitation of disposition that is registered in the Registry of Movable Property, except with the express consent of the Financiera.

Agricultural Vehicles

In the case of agricultural vehicles, a document accrediting deregistration must be provided in the Official Register of Agricultural Machinery (ROMA) of the Autonomous Community, except for electronic accreditation in the Registry of DGT vehicles.


It is a process that can be done electronically, it takes approximately 3-4 days.

Green Plates for moving the vehicle abroad

In case you want to process the deregistration before starting the move to another country, or if you have sold it to a foreign buyer, you can request a temporary permit (green plates) that allows you to move from Spain to another country.

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