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At Gestoría Guasch we are Registration Authorities (RA). We can issue, revoke and deliver digital certificates to any natural or legal person.

In just 5 minutes you can have your digital certificate stored on a smart card (smart card) or on a usb token.

With the certificate you can carry out practically any type of procedure with the administration online. Keep in mind that currently companies are required to communicate electronically with the administration and this communication is only possible through a digital certificate.

What is a digital certificate?

It is a digital document through which a third party guarantees the link between the identity of a natural or legal person and its public key.

Types of Certificate we issue:

  • Physical person (any individual)
  • Autonomous (person registered as self-employed)
  • Legal Representative of a company

By means of the digital certificate you can identify yourself before the administration to carry out any type of procedure electronically. It also allows you to digitally sign pdf or word documents that have the same validity as if they were delivered signed on paper with a handwritten signature.

Types of Devices

The digital certificate can be installed on two types of devices:

  1. Intelligent card or smartcard:
    It is very similar to a credit card, which contains a chip where the digital certificate containing the digital identity of the holder is stored.  It is similar to the chip found in the Electronic DNI (DNIe), which also contains the digital identity of the holders. To use a card on a computer, it is necessary to have an external smart card reader connected via a USB port.
  2. USB Token:
    Like smart cards, it contains a chip, although in this case it is inside the USB itself. This token can be read through any USB port.

Certificate: Limitations on type of procedure and duration

Before creating the certificate, you decide its duration and the types of procedures that can be carried out with it. In addition to the fact that the certificate can be revoked at any time, in case of loss, theft, or if you have knowledge of misuse.

  • Card (Unlimited procedures / 24 hours or 2 years)
  • USB Token (Limited or unlimited procedures / 24 hours or 2 years)

Recognized electronic signature

The certificates we issue (according to Law 59/ 2003, of December 19, Electronic Signature) are of the type Recognized electronic signature, which have themaximum validity and security. It is an advanced electronic signature based on a recognized certificate and generated using a secure signature creation device.

(Art. 3.4) The recognized electronic signature will have, with respect to the data consigned in electronic form, the same value as the handwritten signature in relation to those consigned on paper.

This type of digital signature is the only one that can be considered equivalent to a handwritten signature.

The security and validity of this signature is possible thanks to:

  • The use of the cryptographic keys contained in the certificate
  • The existence of a structure of Certification Authorities that offer confidence in the delivery of certificates. Therefore, it must be based on a Recognized Certificate (in this case< strong> Professional Signature)
  • Be generated with a secure signature creation device (Art. 24)
  • Guaranteed that:
    • the keys are unique and secret
    • the private key cannot be deduced from the public key and vice versa
    • the signer can reliably protect the keys
    • the content of the original document is not altered
    • the signer can see what he is going to sign


Carry out all the paperwork with the administration comfortably from home. Anything: from knowing the points of the card, managing fines, tax settlement, working life, etc. Forget about delivering documents signed by hand, or with the company seal, thanks to the digital signature of documents, such as invoices or applications. The list of procedures is expanding more and more, since the objective is to achieve a fully electronic administration.

In the event that you do not know how or do not want to manage your certificate yourself, we, as collegiate Administrative Managers, are empowered to manage it with the limitations in time and in type of procedure that you or your company decide. In 5 minutes you receive your certificate ready to be used and with a maximum validity of 2 years.

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