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Before buying, get an online vehicle report easily and cheaply. This document contains the data that appears in the Vehicle Registry of the General Directorate of Traffic.

Get your report for only €20 if when you call you tell us that you have seen this offer through our page web.

This report will contain information about:

  • Vehicle ownership
  • Technical data
  • Number of previous holders.
  • Administrative situation (if authorized to circulate)
  • ITV expiration date
  • Charges or encumbrances that prevent the transmission of the vehicle

car_icon Online vehicle report

  • Makes sure that the seller is indeed the owner of the vehicle
  • It is verified that the circulation tax (I.V.T.M) is paid . Traffic does not handle any name change if the previous year’s receipt is pending collection at the town hall .
  • Although it is not mandatory to make a name change, with the report you make sure that you have the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) in force.

check_icon Request the report before buying

Once we have confirmed the income by transfer, you will receive the report with the administrative situation of the vehicle in your email, thus making sure that it is free of charges, embargoes or seals before finalizing the purchase.

Online Vehicle Report

magnifyingglass_icon How to interpret the report

The report contains different sections in which the data referring to the history of the vehicle is specified. See  here how to interpret the report.

In our traffic management office in Barcelona we provide you with your traffic report at the moment.

Request more information through the form or call us at 933 939 718

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