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Driving licenses for citizens of the European Union

You should renew and/or exchange your European driving license in the following cases:

  • You have legal residence more for 2 years and your driver’s license is valid indefinitely or more than 15 years for A or B permits and more than 5 years of validity for C, D or E.
  • Your driver’s license has expired or is less than 3 months away from expiration.

The exchange for the Spanish permit can be done voluntarily when:

  • You have legal residence for less than two years and your driving license is valid for an indefinite period or for more than 15 years for A or B permits and more than 5 years for C, D or E permits.
  • Your permit is valid for less than 15 years for A or B permits and less than 5 years for C, D or E permits.

In this case, the permit is exchanged for the time remaining in the validity of your community permit.

Permits from non-EU countries

You can drive in Spain during the first 6 months of your arrival. Once this period of time is over, you should exchange your license for a Spanish driving license. 

At Gestoria Guasch we obtain the appointment directly at the DGT without the need for you to travel. 

When the appointment is requested through a collegiate agency, the procedure can be submitted to the Traffic Department before the day of the appointment without having to wait for the indicated date and therefore speeding up the process. In addition, when presenting it through an agency, it is not necessary to attend, the agency is in charge of presenting the file.

If you want to know more about the process and the documents necessary to present it, do not hesitate to contact Gestoria Guasch, a reference agency in the driver’s license exchange process.

Request more information through the form or call us at 933 939 718

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