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Tax and accounting agency in Barcelona that offers customized solutions for both companies and freelancers

Our comprehensive services include both advice and management of all your fiscal, administrative and legal obligations. We put our extensive experience in the sector at the service of our clients. Our team is made up of highly qualified personnel with experience in the financial audit sector and in the tax field.

Tax advice

You don’t need to know all the complex tax regulations. Guasch Management advises you and processes all your tax obligations:

  • Quarterly personal income tax return (forms 130/131)
  • Quarterly VAT declaration (models 303/310)
  • Income declaration (model 100)
  • Withholdings for the lease of urban properties (model 115)
  • Withholdings from work and economic activities (model 111)
  • Annual declaration of operations with third parties (model 347)
  • Annual VAT summary (form 390)
  • Annual summary of real estate rental withholdings (model 180)
  • Annual summary of withholdings for work and activities (model 190)

Accounting advice

We take care of updating the accounting of your company or business, we provide technical support in the accounting of operations and we analyze and review financial statements.

  • Preparation of accounts
  • Preparation of Annual Accounts and deposit in the Mercantile Registry
  • Preparation of tax records books
  • Preparation of financial reports

Management for freelancers

Are you thinking of going self-employed/freelance? We help you with all the procedures to register as a self-employed person and to comply with all your tax obligations. We guide you on which tax regime may be most advantageous for you and we help you to start up your business. We take care of drafting the bylaws, articles of incorporation or private contract, registration procedures in the Tax Agency, Social Security, and Mercantile Registry.

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