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Gestoría Guasch i Associats, is an agency specialized in renaming motorcycles in Barcelona.

We carry out telematically the name change of your motorcycle or moped, in such a way that you only need to make a single visit. At the time of the transfer of ownership, we provide the new owner of the vehicle with a provisional circulation permit valid until we obtain the final permit.

Barcelona is the Spanish city with the highest number of motorcycle registrations in Spain. More than a fifth of all motorcycle registrations across the country occur in this city.

If you are going to buy or sell a second-hand motorcycle in Barcelona or its surroundings, come to us and we will manage all the procedures so that you can start enjoying your motorcycle immediately.

Ask us about any type of procedure you want to do and we will help you manage it. At Gestoría Guasch we are specialists in procedures related to vehicles:

  • Changes of ownership of cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles or mopeds.
  • Registrations due to importation or change of address.
  • Duplicates of documentation in case of loss or theft.
  • Changes of address (vehicle or driver).
  • Temporary or permanent cancellation of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle registration reports (recommended before buying!!)


  • It is important to note in the contract the hour and minutes in which the sale of the vehicle is made to avoid problems later. Remember that the fines will continue to reach the original owner until the change of ownership occurs in the Vehicle Registry.
  • If the sale occurs through a professional, an invoice must be made, which, as it includes VAT, does not have to settle the Transfer Tax.
  • It is required that the Circulation Tax (Mechanical Traction Vehicle Tax)  of the previous year be paid at the corresponding Town Hall. If you wish, we can also manage the settlement of pending taxes.
  • In addition, we can immediately check if the motorcycle has any disposition limitation registered in the Registry of Movable Assets (financial, embargo, retention of title, etc.), requesting an telematic report to Traffic. In 5 minutes you will know the entire history of the vehicle: the owner, technical characteristics, number of owners that the motorcycle has had throughout its history, if it has the past ITV, and most importantly, if it is free of charges that prevent the issuance of the new circulation permit.

Patrimonial Transfer Tax

We electronically process the Patrimonial Transfer Tax (ITP) on your behalf. Remember that in Catalonia mopeds and motorcycles of more than 10 years are not required to pay ITP. To settle this tax in other communities consult us.


According to article 12 of Law 12/2004, of December 27, on financial measures:

  1. Taxpayers are not required to present it in the following cases:
    1. Mopeds
    2. Motorcycles, cars and all-terrain vehicles that are 10 years old or more
  2. The following vehicles are excluded from section 1
    1. Vehicles classified as historic according to current regulations
    2. Vehicles whose value is equal to or greater than 40,000 euros


We are specialists in vehicle management, if you are a professional in the sector we offer you special conditions, let us consult without obligation.

Electronic Road Address

We advise you on how to register in the Electronic Road Directorate (DEV) the new service that the DGT has launched so that you receive a notice on your mobile, or email, every time you get a traffic notification. Forget about the scares due to fines not received or loss of points. Registering with the DEV is voluntary for individuals but is mandatory for companies.

Motorbike name change in Barcelona

At Gestoría Guasch we take care of carrying out on your behalf the Transfer of Ownership of your Motorcycle, liquidating if necessary the Tax of Patrimonial transmissions, all of this

 We are located at Avenida Icaria 166, in Vila Olímpica del Poble Nou (Barcelona).

Request more information through the form or call us at 933 939 718

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