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If you are thinking of buying a vehicle abroad and registering it in Spain, or if you are going to change your country of residence and want to register your car in Spain, at Guasch i Associats we manage all the paperwork.


  • You can only register a vehicle in the country where you habitually live or have your permanent address.
  • You cannot register a vehicle in the country where you have a second home or vacation home.
  • In the case of Spain, the vehicle must be definitively registered within 30 days following the start of its use within the national territory. This period is extended to 60 days in the case of a change of residence. If this period is exceeded, you must request a Temporary Circulation Permit (green registration plates for individuals). This permit is valid for 60 days.
  • A vehicle is considered new when it is less than 6 months old or has not traveled more than 6,000 km.

Original documentation required:

  • Contract of sale of the vehicle
    • if it was sold to you by an individual: photocopy of your NIF or passport, telephone number and place of residence.
    • If you have purchased it from a company: the intra-community CIF of the company, in addition to the corresponding invoice, which reflects the VAT paid.
  • Original vehicle data sheet
  • Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by the manufacturer. This certificate certifies that the vehicle meets the safety and environmental standards required by the EU. It can be European (CE) or national. If you do not have it, you can request it at an official dealer of the vehicle brand.
  • If the CoC cannot be obtained, the equivalent national document, called “Reduced Technical Data Sheet“, must be requested from a collegiate engineer to certify that the vehicle is approved for the EU . This procedure can be done online, the engineer does not need to physically see the vehicle.
  • Sworn translation of all papers into Spanish if they are in another language.


  • If it is a vehicle new purchased in the EU, the corresponding VAT will have to be paid (model 309), or accredit and
  • Tax Agency:
    • If it is a vehicle new purchased in the EU, the corresponding VAT will have to be paid (model 309), or accredit and
      • Pass the ITV ( Technical Inspection of Vehicles) at an authorized agency. It does not matter if the car has previously passed other reviews in another country. There they will ask you for a purchase-sale contract or invoice, maintenance book, the CoC and the original technical sheet of the vehicle. Once the inspection has passed, they will give you the Spanish technical sheet in triplicate.
      • Pay the Special Tax on Certain Means of Transport, or IEDMT  (model 576). The tax rate varies depending on the official CO2 emissions of the vehicle.
      • If the registration is made due to a change of residence of a vehicle coming from the EU, you can request an exemption from paying the IEDMT (model 06)
      • Tax Agency:
        • If it is a vehicle new purchased in the EU, the corresponding VAT will have to be paid (model 309), or accredit andbe included in the census of VAT taxpayers. For new vehicles VAT is paid in Spain
        • If it is a used vehicle acquired from an individual, the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) must be paid.
        • If it is a used vehicle but acquired through a sale, VAT will be paid in the country in which it was purchased, since it will be included in the invoice.
      • Pay the Circulation Tax  at the Town Hall where you are registered (the payment of this fee varies depending on the municipality). Self-assessment of the Tax on mechanical traction vehicles (IVTM) in Barcelona.
      • Pay the Registration Feeat the General Directorate of Traffic

      Vehicle from outside the European Union (EU)

      import car registration in Barcelona

      If you bought a car outside the EU, you must present the Single Administrative Document (DUA), which is issued by Customs at the entrance of the vehicle in Spain. The DUA provides information about the product, serves as the basis for the tax return. This document must accompany the merchandise to comply with customs formalities.

      Registration of imported cars in Barcelona

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