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Comprehensive service in the management and procedures of drivers and vehicles before the General Directorate of Traffic.

Traffic management in Barcelona Guasch i Associats wants to be your trusted traffic management, with the ease of carrying out all your procedures and inquiries in the fastest and most efficient way through our online service.

All kinds of procedures

    • Ownership Transfers (Name Changes)

    • Registrations of imported vehicles

    • Temporary driving permits (green plates)

    • Exchange foreign driver’s licenses

    • Address changes

    • Permanent or temporary leave

    • Vehicle rehabilitation – voluntary registration

    • Documentation duplicates

    • International Card

    • Traffic reports

Get, through our traffic management, reports of the vehicle that I wanted, providing only the license plate. Immediately, and totally online, you will know the administrative situation of the vehicle and if it is free of charges before finalizing the purchase.

We will manage the change of ownership of your vehicle in the fastest way and comfortable. We offer the best price in processing the transfer of ownership of your motorcycle or car for only €140 (taxes and VAT included).

From our traffic management office in Barcelona you can process the deregistration of your vehicle at the Provincial Traffic Department, save yourself long queues by entrusting the procedures to a collegiate manager. We manage temporary cancellations, permanent cancellations for export to another country, etc. We offer a professional service thanks to our experience as a specialized vehicle agency.

In case of loss or damage, obtain duplicates of documentationfor your vehicle comfortably.

Proceed with our traffic agency for the vehicle registration< /a>import at the best price. At Gestoría Guasch we help you with the presentation of registration, circulation, property transfer taxes, and in case you need to approve the car or motorcycle, we will process the Reduced Technical Sheet.


A single visit

Don’t waste your time queuing at the General Directorate of Traffic, let us take care of all the paperwork. We carry out all the procedures electronically with the DGT.

Traffic management in Barcelona


If you need to change the name of your vehicle in Barcelona, ​​don’t think twice. From a motorcycle, a car or a truck, at Gestoria Guasch i Associats we take care of everything.
And in a single visit!

We are located at Av. Icaria 166, in Vila Olímpica del Poble Nou (Barcelona).


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