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The DEV replaces the previously used mailing address.

According to Law 39/2015, since October 2, 2016 it is mandatory for legal entities that have company vehicles to have an Electronic Road Address (DEV). This will be necessary to be able to carry out any procedure in the Traffic Headquarters.

After registering with the DEV, you will receive all notifications and notices that have to do with the company’s vehicles (fines, changes of ownership, insurance expiration, ITV, etc.) by telematic means.

The DEV is voluntary for individuals but mandatory for companies.

Check if your company is registered in the DEV

The General Directorate of Traffic has enabled this web where you can check if a company is registered with the DEV. If your company does not appear on this list and you have vehicles in your name, you must register as soon as possible.

In the event that the company is not registered, the DGT will assign it a Road Electronic Address (DEV), so it is convenient that your company register as soon as possible and communicate an email address< /strong> to which the notices of new notifications arrive.


Immediate reception of notifications, preventing communications from being lost, surcharges, interest or constraints. Everything is done online so displacements are avoided

You will be able to know the notifications of traffic fines. With the notification in electronic format you will be able to carry out the same actions that were carried out when they arrived by postal mail:

  • accept the notification
  • reject it
  • make allegations
  • identify the driver
  • propose or provide evidence
  • pay, etc.

Little by little the DEV will incorporate new functions such as:

  • Notice of balance of points when it is less than 6 points
  • expiration notice of driving license
  • next expiration of the Technical Inspection of your Vehicle


Since December 31, 2016, no legal person can register or change the owner of a vehicle without being registered with the DEV.

Digital Certificate

In order to register with the DEV, it is necessary to have a digital certificate. Here is a list of accepted certificates by the DGT. We remind you that at Gestoría Guasch we are Registration Authorities and therefore we can also create a certificate to your name.


Once registered with the DEV, your company can request that a third party manage all its notifications and procedures with the DGT through the Electronic Registry of Powers of Attorney (REA). In this way, powers are granted to third parties to act on behalf of your company before the DGT. This representation allows the proxy to receive a copy of the notifications that reach his DEV, being able to manage any type of subsequent procedure. Guasch i Associats is an agency specialized in any type of management related to vehicles.

Ask us

The administrative managers are the legal representatives ideal to receive these notifications and carry out procedures related to your company’s vehicles. Ask us if you want us to act as representatives of your company.

For any procedure related to vehicles, at Gestoría Guasch we manage the entire process in the shortest possible time and in a comfortable and simple way.

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